Dr. Howard Fredrics
Composer/Sound Designer/Audio Engineer




Critics have called Howard Fredrics' music both "slashingly discordant" ( LA Times ) and "marvellously gothic" ( Array ).  His music has also been called "bizarre and gorgeous" (Shela Xoregos, choreographer/director).

In addition to electroacoustic music, much of Howard Fredrics' creative output consists of solo, chamber and orchestral works, opera and art song, music and sound design for the theatre, music and sound design for film/TV, music and sound design for computer games, music for multimedia installation, and music for dance.   His work has involved long-standing collaborative relationships with poets, Elsa Grave and Charles Bukowski, as well as with author/librettist, Jacob Sager Weinstein and director, Jessica Kubzansky.

Over the years, Howard Fredrics has become most well known for his text-sound compositions, electroacoustic works (often with instruments and/or voices) based on readings of poetry, which are musicalized through the use of specialized computer software and hardware.  

As he has also written music for dance, film, and the theatre, it is only natural that he has, in recent years, combined his theatrical, movement and image-based musical interests and experience with what clearly forms the bulk of his output, namely works involving the human voice, either spoken and/or sung.   The result of this combination of forces has been his recent work on a multimedia opera, The Whitechapel Whirlwind , which is largely based on the life of his cousin, World Jr. Welterweight and British Lightweight boxing champion, Jack 'Kid' Berg (1909-1991). He has also served as sound designer for theatre, with recent productions including Threepenny Opera, Professor Bernhardi (Marvell Repertory), Macbeth (Red Shark Productions/White Rabbit Theatre) and Anna Nicole: Blonde Glory (Xoregos Performing Company) The Cherry Orchard (Treasure House Theater), Not Your Mama's Fairy Tales (TRUF) and Nunsens Amen (Park Players).

Dr Fredrics' works have been widely performed and broadcast in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas at major venues, including The Purcell Room at South Bank (London), The Bloomsbury Theatre (London), Janacek Hall   (Prague), Seoul Opera (Korea), Banff Centre (Canada), The Kennedy Center (Washington), and the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (Helsinki).  

The recipient of numerous grants, awards and prizes, including a Fulbright Grant, Emmy and Telly Awards, ASCAP Awards, a British Arts and Humanities Research Board Grant, and prizes in the Bourges, SEAMUS, Musica Nova, Luigi Russolo and Tampa Bay Composers' Forum competitions, his works are published by Franklin-Douglass Music, Jomar Press and Auracle Music, and are recorded on the Centaur, SEAMUS/EAM, HEAR, ICMC/DIEM, Ottava and Omnimusic labels.  

Howard Fredrics currently resides in the NYC area, where he works as a freelance composer, sound designer and engineer and operates a music and multimedia production company, Auracle Music.


Recent Work:

The wizard of Oz
with Sound design 
by Howard Fredrics

The Cherry Orchard
with Sound design 
by Howard Fredrics

Threepenny Opera
with Sound design 
by Howard Fredrics

"In the small TBG Theatre
the cast doesn't wear mics;
instead mics hang from overhead,
which makes overall for a much
nicer, more natural atmosphere."
--Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

  Next to Normal

Production Sound
by Howard Fredrics

With Music & Sound
by Howard Fredrics

Transatlantic Coffee

Add'l sound design &
       Sound Mixing
by Howard Fredrics 

"Music and sound itself is a 
character in the film, provoking 
or supporting Alex’s anxieties and
melancholy that exists, or even
replacing visuals with sounds 
link the visual symbol when absent."
--Aaron Weiss, Cinema Funk